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Asian Law & Public Policy Review is an Annual e-Journal of Law & Public Policy Analysis bearing ISSN: 2581-6551. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law & Public Policy and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

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Analyzing the Jurisdictional Arbitrage Potency of Indian Contract Law: With the Distinct Application of the Parol Evidence Rule of Contract Interpretation

The Common Law Parol Evidence Rule, is a principle of restraint in contract interpretation derived from common law courts[i] (specifically inclusive of the jury system, i.e., the United States of America- U.S.A, since 1630)- excluding the consideration of preceding, contemporaneous (oral- specifically exempting written stature), and successive (subject to jurisdiction: i.e., allowed in the U.S.A,

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Gender-Neutral Rape Laws: Addressing the Long-Standing Conundrum in Indian Laws

The prevailing perception of rape laws predominantly revolves around male perpetrators and female victims, reflecting traditional gender norms and stereotypes. However, in recent years, the urgent need for a gender-neutral framework in addressing sexual offenses has gained significant attention. This paper aims to explore the complexities and potential implications of implementing gender-neutral rape laws in

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An Analysis of the Capitalization Potency of ‘Value-Investment Opportunity’, arising from Global Recessionary Pressure through the Regulation of Outward Foreign Investment Policy by India with Comparative reference drawn to China

The People’s Republic of China utilizes the regulation of both it’s inward and outward foreign investment policy as it’s means of geo-political expansion. Outward Chinese Foreign Direct Investment, quite often implies the investment of capital by Chinese instruments of state (either directly or through the exercise of vicarious control), into private and public foreign enterprises,

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Pathways to Justice: Expanding Access for Everyone

This paper aims to explore and analyse the pathways to justice with a focus on expanding access for everyone. Access to justice is a fundamental right that ensures equality, fairness, and the protection of individual and collective rights within a legal framework. However, many individuals and marginalized communities face significant barriers when attempting to navigate

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From Tragedy to Transformation: The Role of CSR and the Rana Plaza Collapse in Rebuilding Bangladesh’s Garment Industry

Globalisation and its tropes, privatization, deregulation, and liberalisation have led to the proliferation of transnational corporations. Further, as one of the main drivers of the globalisation, the corporate activities of Trans- National Corporations (TNC’s) have relevance economically, socially, and environmentally. It is pertinent to consider that many TNC’s operations take place in the least developed countries of the Global South, and it

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