Study on the Offences of Stalking, Voyeurism and Sexual Harassment in India

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Journal Title: Asian Law & Public Policy Review
Author(s): Shrishail Lakhepatil
Published On: 07/07/2023
Volume: 8
First Page: 61
Last Page: 70
ISSN: 2581-6551
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Shrishail Lakhepatil, Study on the Offences of Stalking, Voyeurism and Sexual Harassment in India, Volume 8, Asian Law & Public Policy Review, 61-70, Published on 07/07/2023, Available at


Stalking, voyeurism, and sexual harassment are serious issues that have been plaguing India for years. These acts of violence and intimidation are not only a violation of an individual’s rights but also a threat to their safety and well-being. Despite various laws and policies in place, these crimes continue to persist and affect many individuals, particularly women.

A study on stalking, voyeurism, and sexual harassment in India can help shed light on the prevalence, nature, and impact of these crimes. It can also provide insights into the existing legal and institutional frameworks and identify gaps in addressing these issues. By examining the factors that contribute to the perpetration of these crimes, such a study can inform the development of effective prevention and response strategies.

Keywords: Stalking, Voyeurism, Sexual Harassment, Offences, India

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