The Critical Study of Legal Regime Governing Property Rights of Women – A Human Rights Perspective

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Journal Title: Asian Law & Public Policy Review
Author(s): Indumathi M J & Dr. M Suresh Benjamin
Published On: 12/12/2022
Volume: 7
First Page: 149
Last Page: 161
ISSN: 2581-6551
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Indumathi M J & Dr. M Suresh Benjamin, The Critical Study of Legal Regime Governing Property Rights of Women – A Human Rights Perspective, Volume 7, Asian Law & Public Policy Review, 149-161, Published on 12/12/2022, Available at


In the history of humanity woman has been as important a factor as man, yet she was always looked down as an inferior creature. It is harsh reality that women have been ill- treated in every society for ages. The developments of a nation solely depend on the social status of women and women constitute almost one half of the globe’s population. However, women have been the victims of exploitations by male dominated society and continue to be exploited. But now it is required that women need to be empowered and men need to be oriented about their obligations towards women. Women are entitled to enjoy the same human rights and fundamental freedoms as other individuals. International human rights treaties require state parties to take proactive steps to ensure that women’s human rights are respected by law and to eliminate discrimination and practices that negatively affect women’s rights. The significance of gender equality in property is accepted not only from human rights point of view but it also important for every human development because now a day’s world move to ‘socialize’ and to achieve it the gender equality is necessary. It also includes women’s rights in access and control the property. Women’s property right is an important for her overall living conditions. The object of international human rights laws is to give a basic skeleton to each human being by the State which helps to achieve the object of it. The role of International Human right laws is to bring social reform for property rights of women and empower women which vary from country to country. Thus, women deprived her property rights due to gender inequalities in custom, religion and so on. The international human rights laws are important tools by which women empower themselves. International law as well as Domestic law used to protect rights and responsibility of citizens including women. The article examines the international Resolutions, treaties and Covenant that relate to women’s property rights. This article examines how the ‘women’s property right’ concern to other important international instruments with women’s human rights; in particular, the issue of equality in property.

Keywords: Women, Property rights, Human rights, Gender Equality

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