Transforming Vision for Education in India: National Education Policy 2020

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Journal Title: Asian Law & Public Policy Review
Author(s): Dr Anand Kumar & Uma Gupta
Published On: 02/12/2023
Volume: 8
First Page: 180
Last Page: 198
ISSN: 2581-6551
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

DOI: 10.55662/ALPPR.2023.807

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Dr Anand Kumar & Uma Gupta, Transforming Vision for Education in India: National Education Policy 2020, Volume 8, Asian Law & Public Policy Review, 180-198, Published on 02/12/2023, 10.55662/ALPPR.2023.807 Available at


The National Education Policy of India 2020, often abbreviated as NEP 2020, is a comprehensive policy document that was approved by the Union Cabinet of India[i] on July 29, 2020[ii]. It outlines the vision for the transformation of the education system in India. The NEP 2020 aims to bring about significant reforms and improvements in the Indian education system, with a focus on several key areas. The National Education Policy of India 2020 is indeed a comprehensive framework that covers education from elementary levels to higher education and vocational training. Its vision extends to transforming the entire education system in India over the course of two decades, with the goal of achieving these transformations by 2040. The policy represents a long-term vision for improving the quality, accessibility, and inclusivity of education in India, and it encompasses a wide range of educational levels and domains.[iii] The goal of achieving these transformative changes by 2040 represents a long-term commitment to reshape India’s education system to be more aligned with the needs of the 21st century and to promote holistic development, creativity, and critical thinking among students. Achieving these goals will require concerted efforts, policy implementation, and investments in education over the coming years. The present paper is about the recent education policy of the Government of India. The study is doctrinal in nature. In line with that, the paper also presents the Transformation made in the education system of India.

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Keywords: Education, Right to Education, Education Policy, Constitution.

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